SHOTGUM is a world's strongest energy gum in innovative tactical package "TACTIC PACK" designed to give you an instant powerful energy boost.

This unique concept brings together the boosting power of caffeine with the energizing effects of B-Vitamins in completely sugar free and taurine free mint flavored gum.

Thanks to its bi-layered technology, SHOTGUM is effective within 3 minutes.

• SHOTGUM® Energy Gum contains a proprietary blend of energy producing ingredients, including caffeine and B vitamins, which enhance performance, increase endurance, stimulate the metabolism and sharpen that edge that lets you take on life! Once you try a SHOTGUM® you'll definitely be back for more!

• Each and every SHOTGUM® Energy Gum contains 25% MORE caffeine than an entire can of a leading energy drink with 80mg. caffeine with more energy producing ingredients.

• SHOTGUM® Energy Gum is perfect for travelers, special forces, students, sports enthusiasts, drivers or anyone who needs a sudden burst of energy!

• SHOTGUM® Energy Gum is made with real peppermint for a cool, minty taste that freshens your breath even as it puts a spring in your step.